When sensory marketing makes sense !

The Deepidoo teams will assist you in advising on the creation of your sensory universe.

We select the right media, the right content, and let them exist together as a true expression of your brand, your identity, your voice, and your positioning. We work to constitute a perfect complementarity of the senses. From initial strategy to implementation, our creative team develops your sensory universe.





The sensory approach consists of building an intimate relationship with the client, creating a positive sensation, subtly awakening the memory, establishing an emotional connection...

​Before any creation, we carry out a study taking into account the expectations of your customers and your collaborators.


Positioning and global strategy

We study with you the business potential of your sensory environment.


Sensory Brief

After the study phase, we establish a strategic report with you and analyse your sensory marketing needs.


We present you with our solutions to stimulate the act of purchase and affirm your identity. Our promise: boost your sales by improving the comfort of your customers



Our teams design your sensory environment and content to be broadcast.

Definition of specifications: global strategy, determination of targets and format, typologies of contents and editorial line, sought-after ambiances, choice of universes ...


Development of the sensory environment: editing of programming rules, types of media, settings, creation of themes (jingles, sound logos, advertising spots) ...

Pre-broadcast: delivery of equipment, verification of compliance with the specifications, personalised support, training of the customer team, tests ...

Product launch: launching the broadcast



From the first contact to setting up your sensory universe, Deepidoo accompanies you :

- in the choice of sensory environments, depending on your identity, your clientele, the desired impact

- in the choice and the installation of the material, to ensure an optimal diffusion

- in the configuration of the broadcaster, depending on your opening hours and the size of your spaces

- in musical / visual / olfactory programming, with our creative team

- in the management of your advertising campaigns, whether sound or visual

- in the follow-up of your universe, to anticipate your needs



Instore Radio

Our creative team is made up of musicians, producers, sound designers and sound engineers who use their knowledge of this market and music to develop musical ambiances customised for your brand.


Dynamic Display

We also offer our services for the production of your advertising messages: from the writing of the text to the production of the spot, from the creation of the campaign to the broadcast, we manage the entire advertising process (brief, creation, media-planning).


Room Fragrance

We assist you in monitoring your consumption of fragrances, to anticipate your needs in perfume refills or offer new scents over the seasons.



Our services assure you uninterrupted broadcast.

In case of any problem, the Deepidoo technical team is available by email or telephone.

The complementarity of the senses