Our Samsung partnership


Samsung and Deepidoo is a meeting and a long-term partnership based on a double passion: innovation and Retail! By developing its digital signage solution compatible with all SoC versions of Samsung screens, Deepidoo has chosen the future, agility and ever more innovative digital uses to improve the customer experience !

Vincent Piarou, Business Development Manager, European Display Organisazation

Official partners, Samusng and Deepidoo propose a global solution of integration, programming and digital broadcast, in real time and independently.

Deepidoo is at the heart of the digital retail strategy. Directly embedded in Samsung screens with SOC (System On Chip) technology, Deepidoo's digital signage solution does not require an external video player. The Samsung Professional Monitor, connected to the store, is driven by the Deepidoo solution. Thus, once your screen is powered, the broadcast is immediate.

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Manage digital signage from the web. No software to install !

100 % CLOUD

Create your visual loops in advance, with confidence.


Broadcast all types of images and videos on your connected screens.


Grant access based on roles: network manager, store manager ...


Use tags to easily manage your content, your stores, your departments ...


Broadcast your new video campaigns instantly or... schedule them !


Deploy a seamless or targeted distribution by outlet, according to your criteria.


Enjoy a reliable and safe system. Use our API to create interactivity.



An economical solution: no more video player (box), no more cable to pull !

A simplified installation: affix the screen, turn it on, enjoy !

Secure management: remote monitoring of the screens network !