Improve the experience the in-store experience of your outlets by diffusing a fragrance: perfume a shop, a hotel ...

Use olfactory marketing to enhance your sensory identity and enhance the customer experience.

Create your olfactory identity with the diffusion of room fragrances to improve the image of your brand.

A man is able to distinguish 10,000 different scents.

Why not yours ?




PLAY SCENT  by Deepidoo

Olfactory marketing mobilises the customer's sense of smell to create a unique in-store experience and evoke particular emotions. The influence of smell on behavior is powerful: smell is the sense most related to memory in humans, explaining the emergence of memories by the simple act of breathing in a fragrance.


Enjoy a powerful impact on your customers’ subconscious by spreading a unique olfactory message with PLAY SCENT by Deepidoo.

Make your brand more memorable and stand out from your competitors by diffusing room fragrances in your outlets: inscribe a brand new olfactory logo in the minds of your customers.

Reveal the essence of your brand and your positioning thanks to the diffusion of fragrances (woody, fresh, vitaminised, fruity ...), developed according to the characteristics of your outlet.

Reinforce your business actions by enhancing the perception of a space or product, and create in-store traffic by attracting new customers through olfactory marketing.

The solutions offered by Deepidoo are web-controlled: choose the regularity and intensity of fragrance diffusion to optimise the feelings of your customers. Keep control in complete autonomy !

Some lingering smells can be a hindrance to your business or cause a bad perception of your store by the customer. Prevent them and make them disappear thanks to fragrances developed to match the particularities of the place of diffusion.

Need assistance ? No time to take care of it ? Deepidoo can also take care of everything.



A catalog of 3000 fragrances !

of clients notice an olfactory atmosphere

Our ROOM FRAGRANCES offer  Deepiscent

All our olfactory diffusers are equipped and controlled by RFID technology.

Unlimited 24-hour access to PLAY by Deepidoo

24 hours unlimited programming of fragrances

Specific or global programming

Unlimited and instant 24-hour broadcast

Web-controlled olfactory diffuser included

Perfumes included

Possibility of installations (not included)


12 months subscription

per diffuser

from 90€ per month excl. taxes

24 months subscription

per diffuser

from 70€ per month excl. taxes

36 months subscription

per diffuser

from 65€ per month excl. taxes

48 months subscription

per diffuser

from 60€ per month excl. taxes

We also have non-contractual offers.

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