Our web platform  PLAY by Deepidoo

Our web platform, PLAY by Deepidoo, allows you to manage, program and instantly broadcast all your multimedia contents - sounds, videos, fragrances - in your sales outlets.

Boost your sales, strengthen your identity.

Our system

Deepidoo has developed an innovative solution for controlling and broadcasting (remotely and in real time) all interactive content: sounds, videos, fragrances.

Available as a web platform (SaaS mode), the PLAY by Deepidoo system has been optimised to make store multimedia manageable in the simplest of ways. In a few clicks, control:

- your instore radio;

- your dynamic display;

- your room fragrance.

We own this technology. So take control of retail, in connection with Deepidoo !

The DeepiBox


It's a box that looks like an internet box.Essentially small (10x10x4cm), it is 100% Plug & Play: a simple connection is enough to automatically launch the broadcast. To work, the DeepiBox is simultaneously connected to :

- an outlet;

- a RJ45 cable (internet);

- a jack cable (sound) or HDMI cable (video).

The DeepiBox is 100% autonomous: it ensures a continuous diffusion, even in case of Internet outage.

The system operates in two modes: streaming or via storing content on the DeepiBox.

The olfactory diffuser iConnect

Using the same operating scheme as the DeepiBox, the iConnect olfactory diffuser is directly controlled from PLAY by Deepidoo. You can :

- manage how long the device will stay on or off;

- set the intensity of the diffuser;

- view the amount of fragrance remaining;

- geolocate the diffuser

The iConnect system is completely independent of your internet connection: a simple electrical connection powers the diffuser and automatically starts it. The connection with PLAY by Deepidoo is done via cellular network (GSM sim card).

The perfumed beads

The technique of scented beads loaded with perfumed molecules do not diffuse particles. It consists of creating a circulation of air through the ultra-concentrated perfume beads. Thanks to the cartridges identified by RFID, you have the peace of mind of controlling the amount of remaining fragrance. This is carried out via the web platform.

An intuitive and user-friendly tool

Step 1
Content creation
by you or by Deepidoo

Audio logos, audio messages, visual advertisements, information/promotional videos ... use your already existing content or trust us with the production! We design audio and visual material tailored to your brand and your image.

Step 2
Sending content
by you or by Deepidoo

Once your material is in hand, send it from your computer desk to our web platform (very simply Drag & Drop)! They are instantly added to your personal catalog (music & videos).

Step 3
by you or by Deepidoo

With a few clicks, manage the audiovisual programming of your store. Drag and drop music tags, jingles, commercials on a typical week calendar to organise the scheduling. Create a video loop for your store screens.

Step 4
Automatic and instant broadcast
by you or by Deepidoo

A simple click on "Program and Broadcast" allows you to validate the programming and instantly start the broadcast. Our sound/video playback boxes (DeepiBox) installed in your space automatically receive new content over the Internet. Enjoy !

Our PLAY by Deepidoo platform 


Programming and instant broadcast

of audio material for your network's sound system


Typical week schedule

Drag & Drop tags

Duplication for a store network



Programming and instant broadcast

of video material for your network's dynamic display

Scheduled broadcast loops

Drag & Drop videos and images

Duplication for a network stores


Programming and instant broadcast

of room fragrances for your network's diffusers


Dry technology (scented beads)

Compliance with the IFRA standard

Creation of custom fragrances


How to use PLAY by Deepidoo ?



Use your existing content or entrust us with the production of your audio or visual material.


TTransfer your content on the web platform by Drag & Drop, they are directly added in your personal catalog.


Control the audio, visual and olfactory programming of your store.


Click on "Program and Broadcast" to start broadcasting your content.