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Caroline Guelaud



22 Quai du Dr Gailleton, 69002 LYON​
Tel : +33 (0)4 37 26 85 75



Whatever your establishment and business sector, adapt the atmosphere to different times of the day, encourage your customers to stay longer in your store.

Sensory marketing to stimulate the act of purchase and create a new comfort !

Stream our custom-made music playlists for in outlet to immerse the customers in a new and comfortable ambiance. These creations are fully adaptable to all types of customers and are updated daily. This musical offer can adapt to the image of your establishment and the times of the day: zen atmospheres, natural sounds, urban and dynamic themes …


Bring more services to your customers by visually broadcasting informative messages about your brand, your service fees, current promotional offers, your values ... Provoke new interaction with your customers by implementing a new dynamic and instantaneous communication channel !


Create a perfect harmony of the senses and a feeling of well-being by stimulating the public's sense of smell with a unique fragrance ... yours! Floral and fruity aromas, more spicy varieties ... we have a very impressive array of fragrances. Discover the power of the sense of smell.