Sound marketing impacts the client's hearing to influence his purchasing behavior.

Develop an ascertainable sound identity that your customers will remember easily, even unconsciously.

Improve your in-store experience with a customised web radio adapted to your brand.

Create your own sound identity with a unique musical atmosphere. Instantly manage your music content in a few clicks from our web platform, PLAY by Deepidoo platform.

PLAY SOUND by Deepidoo

With its power to evoke atmosphere, music prompts cognitive, affective and behavioral reactions in the customer (length of visit in shop, speed of movement, loyalty ...).


Improve the customer experience in-store and increase your turnover by creating a shop radio, radio brand, Instore Radio, corporate radio, personalized radio or web radio.


Manage your musical ambiance with just a few clicks thanks to PLAY SOUND by Deepidoo.

Manage your shop radio from the web, and in real time: instantly send your broadcast material on the web or schedule in advance your different playlists broadcast throughout the day and week.

Integrate your own advertising messages to inform your customers of special promotions and deplete your inventory.

Opt for a simple and fast management of your musical ambiance by choosing among our playlists based on your moods, your events, your sector of activities ... and benefit from automatic musical updates.

Adapt your communication based on your stores: homogeneous or differentiated broadcast (geographical area, customers, local events ...).

Need assistance ? No time to take care of it ? Deepidoo can also take care of everything.

Increased sales in a sound or visually animated space

Our INSTORE RADIO offer Deepisound

Unlimited 24-hour access to PLAY by Deepidoo

Unlimited 24-hour access to the musical catalog

Unlimited storage

Unlimited customisation

Unlimited 24-hours programming

Specific or global programming

Unlimited and instant 24-hour broadcast

Daily music update

DeepiBox included (Plug & Play)

Possibility of installations (not included)

SACEM management, conditions apply (not included)


12 months subscription

by DeepiBox

35€ per month excl. taxes

24 months subscription

by DeepiBox

24€ per month excl. taxes

36 months subscription

by DeepiBox

19€ per month excl. taxes

48 months subscription

by DeepiBox

16€ per month excl. taxes

We also have non-contractual offers.

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