Improve your in-store experience with screen communication mastered : dynamic display and digital POS.


Give your stores an atmosphere with our digital signage software!

Create your own visual identity to boost your sales.

Earn better proximity and interactivity with your customers.




PLAY VIDEO  by Deepidoo

Official partners, Samusng and Deepidoo propose a global solution of integration, programming and digital broadcast, in real time and independently.

Combine the effectiveness of mass media and a personalised message with PLAY VIDEO by Deepidoo.

Manage your on-screen display live and intuitively from the web platform. Communicate instantly and based on your needs by choosing to broadcast your messages in a single store or in your entire network.

A shortage or a surplus of stock ? Use smart digital POS to inform your customers in real time of a local or national promotion in your stores.

Design a visual identity that all your customers will remember by broadcasting informative messages remotely on your instore screens. Program your video loops in advance and precisely from the PLAY by Deepidoo platform.

Incorporate all types of images and videos on your connected screens, such as visual logos, advertisements or product demos. With our digital signage software, you can create the TV channel of your brand, totally personalised.

Need assistance ? No time to take care of it ? Deepidoo can also take care of everything.

PLV equipped stores note on average an increase in sales of

Our DYNAMIC DISPLAY offer  Deepiscreen

Unlimited 24-hour access to PLAY by Deepidoo

Unlimited storage

Unlimited customisation

Unlimited 24-hour video programming

Specific or global programming

Unlimited and instant 24-hour broadcast

DeepiBox included (Plug & Play)

Possibility of installations (not included)


12 months subscription

by DeepiBox

65€ per month excl. taxes

24 months subscription

by DeepiBox

40€ per month excl. taxes

36 months subscription

by DeepiBox

35€ per month excl. taxes

48 months subscription

by DeepiBox

30€ per month excl. taxes

We also have non-contractual offers.

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